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Etiket 'how gentle is the rain the toys' (3)

Blizzard Conditions In Wyoming, Colorado, Bring Travel To A Standstill

When I lived in California, one evening I decided to go to Newport Beach to hear the sounds along the coast at midnight! The best spot to record unique ambience was under the famous Newport Pier located at Balboa Peninsula. I find listening to water sounds without any other wildlife sounds to be very sterile. Oscillating Fan Sounds has more texture to it than the more basic Fan Sounds skill. In this one, you’ll manage to distinguish and visualize the rear and forth motion of a fan because it...

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Relaxing Music And Sounds

Males keep a territory of approximately 300 acres during the prime of their life which ends before 10 years of age. The mother keeps her offspring hidden - for about three weeks during which times she comes three to four times a day to nurse it. Although she cleans her calf after feeding it to remove odor that would attract predators, there is a high amount of calf mortality. Calves begin to eat grass when they are young but...

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Snow Storm Safety

Wind duration – the time for which the wind has blown over the water. Waves are caused by energy passing through the water, causing the water to move in a circular motion. ENHANCE ORGANICO WAVES - Create organico wavy hair that looks like you just stepped off the beach for a light texturized look. Twice daily tides like this are called semidiurnal tides. It is also possible to have only one high and one low tide per day. There's not enough time to read them all but I'll recount the ones I...

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